Creating A Better World By Investing in Women Entrepreneurs

WEDI™ is a niche private equity and Technical Assistance Programme (TAP) that creates superior returns for investors by investing in women entrepreneurs. At WEDI, we’ve made a substantial investment in "R&D". The result is a funding model that supports wealth and job creation, whilst providing much needed support to women in developing countries to build viable and sustainable enterprises.

WEDI TAP™ is what makes our funding model different. We've invested in developing Human Advancement Technology that helps WEDI Women to model human excellence in both their personal and professional lives. This Technology, when coupled with the proper mix of technical skills training and financial support, is a winning combination for successfully developing new enterprises. Our “formula” is particularly useful when preparing women to enter fields where they are under-represented and where there may be substantial emotional, psychological and even physical barriers to entry.

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Why? Because women continue to be underutilised globally in terms of the contribution they can make to sustainable development. No where is this more true than in Africa where women often outnumber men, but where only a small fraction of available resources are invested in helping women to own and manage substantial enterprises. WEDI is there to assist from start-up incubation to growth enterprises.

South Africa with its developed capital market may appear quite different. But even the most developed market in Africa is one where less than 8% of the R400 billion under private equity management is spent investing in developing enterprises - and where less than 1% is invested in women-owned and managed enterprises.


For dynamic women with a record of achievement, WEDI provides enterprise development and financial support that enables enterprises to grow aggressively and add value to the marketplace.

For organisations that are in the business of supporting women, WEDI provides holistic, intelligent enterprise development solutions that maximise the return on investment in women and the enterprises they own and manage.


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